Publications and Work in Progress


Eick, Gianna M. (2024). Welfare chauvinism in Europe: How education, economy and culture shape public attitudes, Edward Elgar Publishing. Link

Journal Special Issues

Eick, Gianna M., Im, Zhen J., & Leschke, Janine (2024 ftc). Towards Social Europe? Conceptualising the multi-level governance of a supranational welfare state. Journal of Social Policy & Administration.

Eick, Gianna M. & Leruth, Benjamin (2024 ftc). A farewell to welfare? The causes and consequences of welfare state opposition, Journal of European Social Policy.

A working paper version of the introduction is available here: Eick, Gianna M. & Leruth, Benjamin (2023). A farewell to welfare? Conceptualising welfare populism, welfare chauvinism and welfare Euroscepticism, SocArXiv. Link | PDF

Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)

Eick, Gianna M. & Busemeyer, Marius R. (2023). Migration levels and welfare support: evidence from the local level, Journal of European Public Policy. Link | PDF CES/JEPP Political Economy and Welfare Best Paper Prize 2022.

Eick, Gianna M., Burgoon, Brian & Busemeyer, Marius R. (2023). Public preferences for social investment versus compensation in Social Europe. Journal of European Social Policy. Link | PDF

Eick, Gianna M., & Larsen, Christian A. (2022). Welfare chauvinism across benefits and services. Journal of European Social Policy, 32(1), 19–32. Link | PDF

Eick, Gianna M., Larsen, Erik G., Geiger Ben B., Trude Sundberg (2021) Beyond The Numbers: The Impact of Quantitative Teaching on Overall Student Performance, Journal of Political Science Education, 17(1), 693-702. Link

Eick, Gianna M. (ftc). Welfare Euroscepticism and socioeconomic status. Journal of European Social Policy. A working paper version of this article is available at SocArXiv: Link | PDF

Eick, Gianna M. (R&R). The hidden side of Social Europe: Revealing welfare Euroscepticism through focus group discussions. Link abstract

Working Papers

Eick, Gianna M., Berriochoa, Kattalina, Busemeyer, Marius R., Burgoon, Brian, Bolesta, Karolina, Grabowska, Izabela, Gómez Abelleira, Francisco J., Mercader Uguina, Jesús, Muñoz Ruiz, Ana B., & van der Duin, David (2023). How citizens understand European social citizenship: deepening quantitative results with focus groups analysis. EUSOCIALCIT working-paper series. LinkPDF

Burgoon, Brian, Busemeyer, Marius R. & Eick, Gianna M. (2023). Listening to the citizens on the state of social rights in Europe. EUSOCIALCIT working-paper series. Link | PDF

Busemeyer, Marius R., Eick, Gianna M. & Burgoon, Brian (2023). Citizens’ attitudes, preferences, and demands regarding the future of European social citizenship. EUSOCIALCIT working-paper series. Link | PDF

Eick, Gianna M., Busemeyer, Marius R., & Burgoon, Brian. (2022). 35 years of public opinion surveys and European social citizenship: What can we conclude? EUSOCIALCIT working-paper series. Link | PDF

Eick, Gianna M., Burgoon, Brian, Busemeyer, Marius R. (2021). Measuring social citizenship in social policy outputs, resources and outcomes across EU member states from 1985 to the present. EUSOCIALCIT working-paper series. Link | PDF

Book Chapter

Eick, Gianna M. (2023). The evolution of welfare attitudes in Europe over the past four decades. In Greve, B. (ed) Welfare states in turbulent times (pp. 71-83). Edward Elgar Publishing. LinkPDF

Book Reviews

Eick, Gianna M. (2022). Tom Vickers, Borders, Migration and Class in an Age of Crisis: Producing Workers and Immigrants. Work, Employment and Society, 36(2), 381–382. Link | PDF

Eick, Gianna M. (2021), Trine Øland, Welfare Work with Immigrants and Refugees in a Social Democratic Welfare State. Social Policy & Administration, 55(1), 242-243. Link | PDF

Eick, Gianna M. (2019). Pontus Odmalm and Eve Hepburn (eds), The European Mainstream and the Populist Radical Right. Political Studies Review, 17(4), 12–13. Link

Public Data Set

Eick, Gianna M., Burgoon, Brian & Busemeyer, Marius R. (finished data set). Comparative Social Citizenship Dataset (1980-2021, all EU and OECD countries).

Brings together existing country-year macro data on policies, regulations, laws, social, economic, political conditions and public opinion relevant to social rights. The publication of the first version is planned for 2023 and updated versions will be released subsequently. Here is a more detailed description of the data set and snapshots of the results.

Doctoral Disseration

Eick, Gianna M. (2020). Education as liberation? A critical analysis of the relationship between higher education and welfare chauvinism across Europe. Doctoral dissertation, University of Kent. Link